Oil As A Heating Fuel


The Benefits of Using Oil Fuel To Heat Your Home Or Business

There are essential facts you must know about oil heat and natural gas. The purpose of this post is to be able to provide you with the best possible set of information, which eventually will give you the opportunity to make the smartest decision in terms of choosing the fuel source to heat your home or business.

Our premise is this: home heating oil is the most practical choice, compared to the decision of converting to a newer source of heating. Here are the reasons why…

1.    Heating oil is very safe. Understand that oil as a fuel source for heating is not explosive. The only time it will ignite is when there is an advanced burning system placed within a furnace or burner. Additionally, when a person inhales the fumes produced by burning oil fuel, there is no risk of fatality or injury. You obviously know what happens when gas fumes are inhaled. As a matter of fact, carbon monoxide poisoning due to the inhalation of gas is a leading cause of death in the U.S. And when the heating oil furnace or burner malfunctions, there will be warning signs such as smoke, odor, and soot. Gas heating on the other hand will never tell your there’s a leak or release of carbon monoxide to indoor air.

2.    Lehigh Valley heating oil is also renowned for being environment friendly and clean. We have to admit that heating oil way back in the 70s was dirty. That’s why it came to be labeled as dirty oil fuel. But today, after decades of research, the sulfur content in the oil has been significantly reduced – about 90% lesser. As a result, the emissions coming from oil burners and furnaces are being reduced to a minimum or even to zero levels. With the proper adjustment and maintenance in operation, heating systems that rely on out do not have any production of dirt or soot.

3.    It is dependable. One of the nicest things about it is that you have total control of your oil. You can have it delivered to you and store it in your property. It means you can conserve the extra oil when you don’t need it. Likewise, oil supply in the country is good enough to cater the millions of households using it for heating. There are hundreds of heating oil delivery companies that can provide automatic deliver. As for natural gas, not all areas have a natural gas provider. A couple of towns may be depending on a single provider. That’s something to be concerned about if the demand increases during the heating season.

4.    Contrary to what most people think, heating oil is actually more efficient than gas. On the average, it burns about 15% more efficiently compared to gas. With the new heating oil equipment and appliances designed with modern technology, efficiency ratings rise as high as 95%. And because of the sophistication of these heating equipment, you can expect them to last for thirty years or even more.

Furthermore, know these facts:

-    As for the debate of heating oil vs. natural gas, you actually have to burn 40% more natural gas just to level up or equalize the amount of heating produced by oil fuel.

-    Provided you’re convinced that switching from oil to gas will save you money in the long run, you first have to realize that you will need almost $10,000 for that to happen.

-    Finally, the demand for heating oil will always be sufficiently supplied. That’s because majority of the oil producing countries are catering the needs of the American consumer. So there’s basically no running out of it.

So the next time you think about heating oil, think of it based on the modern day perspective. We’re aware that its image is rather notorious in the past, primarily because of it being dirty and inefficient. But then again, it’s a thing of the past. Today, you can expect to get the most out of your heating expenses by opting for oil to heat your home or business, this time, without the risk of indoor pollution, gas leaks, and other dangers associated with natural gas. When it comes to heating, emphasize the concept of being practical.

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