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Know Your Options To Save on Heating Oil

Posted by sloandqza on May 30, 2014 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Even if it is a quite calm winter and there is minimal snow, it doesn’t mean that the cold is bearable. In fact, every winter, homeowners are scrambling to get hold of enough oil to keep their living spaces warm and comfortable.

The main burden faced by every homeowner is the substantial increase in heating expenses as the cold season starts. That’s why as much as possible, you should know how to save on heating oil for winter. It means a lot if you do the little things because you might not feel it right away, but you’re actually saving a lot of money each year you embrace the same little things. So what are they?

1 – Spot Delivery

This tip is actually quite the opposite of what most so-called experts tell you. For them, it’s a sensible to purchase oil before winter comes because the price is significantly lower. For us, we believe you’re going to save when you opt for spot delivery. This means you’re going to purchase oil based on an “as-needed” basis. But you can only do this by doing extensive research. Know where to order, find the best offer per gallon, and then make some calls to negotiate. Since heating oil prices are quite unstable, you can purchase it when the price is highly favorable.

2 – Price Protection Plan

Most if not all oil delivery companies offer a price protection plan for their customers. In this plan, you are to purchase a contract for delivery for the entire year. What they do is offer you a price per gallon and that will be the price you’re going to pay for the entirety of the contract. The point of this strategy is the price cap concept. So if you purchase the oil for a specific price, that price will remain even if the price of oil in the middle of the season goes up or down. It is a very interesting strategy if you are wary of the likelihood of heating oil prices going up while you need it the most. But be sure that you are getting this price protection plan from a very reliable and established heating oil delivery company.

Reputation is the key because there are so many fly-by-night oil delivery companies out there that may appear to offer you quite an affordable price, only for you to realize later on that you’ve been ripped off.

3 – Pre-Buying

Without a doubt, pre-buying is the simplest yet the most popular means of purchasing oil. What you have to do is conveniently pay for the entire oil purchase for the year upfront. The price will be based on the current price of spot oil. But just like the previous option we discussed, you have to be wary about the heating oil delivery company you make a deal with. You have to particularly know who you’re dealing with, especially with the fact that you are paying upfront.

Now what you need to do is take some time to view and weigh on your options. Do consider the current oil prices and then shop around. But the most important tip perhaps is to purchase your heating oil from a local oil delivery company. That way, you get to make sure that you’ll have your oil in time you need it.


Practical Ways to Save on Heating During The Winter Season

Posted by sloandqza on May 18, 2014 at 1:45 AM Comments comments (0)

We all suffer from the winter burden. It’s that particular season of the year where you can best characterize as long, cold, and dark. But if there is one very obvious thing about it is that the cost of living becomes a lot more expensive. Why? Because you’d be heating your home a lot more than usual. The cost of any type of fuel source for heating, including oil, natural gas, and electricity rises, and no one can really say they’re saving money because of opting for this or opting for that. Every year, as the winter approaches, homeowners always want to find a way to save money while at the same time still keep the home comfortable with heating.

The good news is that there are several practical ways for homeowners to minimize or at least curb heating costs. And what’s even better news is that they are quite easy and simple to follow. You just have to be committed in doing them.

1 – Energy Assessment/Audit

We have to admit that identifying the things and changes to be made to lower the energy costs at home is difficult. However, you don’t have to do it yourself. What you actually need is to simply call the experts in determining your home’s energy needs and consumption, primarily based on the lifestyle, patterns of energy usage, and other important factors. Part of the energy audit is surveying appliances, checking the structure of the home, and measuring installation. After a complete examination, they will provide you with an expert’s view and recommendations of the changes that need to be made to be more energy efficient before the winter comes.

2 – Check for Air Leaks

You must recognize the fact that be it a new or old home, there will always be areas that allow air to sneak out. When this happens, heat will also follow the same path. As a result, you may be forcing your Lehigh Valley heating oil furnace to work harder in order to provide sufficient heating inside, but still to no avail. You will end up spending more on heating costs because of these stubborn air leaks. In order to prevent that from happening, you will have to seal up air leaks in order to successfully trap the heat inside and keep the home warm and comfy all winter. To do this, check the weather stripping around the windows and doors. If there are any worn areas, replace them. Try to see if there are hot air leaks in the attic space. Also, the cuts made in order to make room for the drywall for fixture and fan installation will be ideal places for air to escape. Seal them all.

3 – Thermostat

There’s no argument here. You should be using a programmable thermostat in order to save on heating costs during the winter season. While you really want to set the thermostat level at the most comfortable warm level for the winter season, you can’t do it every single time. Remember that the lower the settings, the more money you save on energy expenses. Using a programmable thermostat is very advantageous because you can program it to set the ideal temperature depending on your needs and your presence at home.

4 – Emphasize Good Insulation

Finally, do not ever forget about insulation. It’s actually one of the most if not the most important aspects of keeping the home warm for the entire winter and then keeping the same cool for the summer season. You need to make sure there’s sufficient insulation in your attic and between the inside walls.

Everything sounds easy, right? If you’re craving for more heating info, visit our site.